Rolls-Royce splashes some new colours on three of its models!

What is your first thought when someone says Rolls-Royce? A black Ghost, gliding smoothly in a rich cobblestone street or in a busy downtown city? A black Wraith or a Dawn pulling along the entrance of a 7-star hotel? Now imagine the Dawn, Wraith, and Cullinan, (the company’s newest SUV), with lime green, red, and a specific blue paint scheme, arriving at the above destination. No, we have not taken leave of our senses or smoked anything. This is Rolls-Royce’s new colour scheme for the Wraith, Dawn and Cullinan. These will be limited editions, of course. The company says that the vibrant ‘Neon Lights’ painting scheme is inspired by exotic plants and animals.

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Taking inspiration on his trip to Tamworth, north of Sydney, the company’s bespoke paint specialist Sami Coultas stumbled upon an Australian green tree frog that had a near luminous lime green hue.¬† And that lime green colour is exactly what the paint specialist has replicated for the exterior colour of the Wraith Black Badge. Coming to the Dawn Black Badge, Rolls-Royce has taken inspiration from the flowers of an evergreen tree in Hawaii and thus it gets Eagle Rock Red paint scheme. The Cullinan, which is the company’s first-ever SUV, takes its Mirabeau Blue colour scheme from the wings of an exotic butterfly species called Rhetus periander found in Central and South America.

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Now I agree that it is difficult to imagine any big businessman or woman arriving in cars with colour schemes such as this but, if you have deep pockets, then why not? Standing out of the madding crowd is what anyone wants and what a way to do so as you step out in one of these exotic coloured Rolls-Royce. Kudos to Rolls-Royce and attempting something as outrageous as this.

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