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Course review: Digital Deepak Internship Program (DDIP)

Digital marketing is catching up and it would not be wrong to say that the pandemic accelerated all things digital in our lives. It also underlined the importance of digital marketing and how it can be used to our advantage. And it was during this time that I came through Digital Deepak and saw a bunch of his webinars. To say that they were informative and useful would be an understatement. The emails and the videos are by far the best content when it comes to Digital Marketing in India.

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The course structure

This digital marketing course is taught by Deepak Kanakaraju (Digital Deepak) who is one of the co-founders of PixelTrack and the face of multiple brands including Learn Today and Review Today. And when DD announced about his batch 7 of the Digital Deepak Internship Program, I was excited to join. The sales webinar was power packed and it is a benchmark in how to do a sales webinar itself. The course, once you start, is 12 weeks’ worth of digital marketing lessons plus four bonus weeks that focus on one of the aspects of digital marketing to enable the learner to become what they call a ‘T’ shaped digital marketer.

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Digital marketing teaches you to build your personal brand

The deadlines are not so close considering the aim of Digital Deepak and his team here is to get the maximum number of people to complete the assignments – which is good for the internship program in the long term. The course videos brim with information on every slide and it would be unwise to not keep a pen and notebook ready with you to take notes, so that you can go back to it at a later time when you are actually doing the assignments.

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Learn and implement!

Speaking of the digital marketing assignments, they are not tough, but they are not easy either. Suffice to say that each assignment will put you out of your comfort zone and implement what you learnt, which is way better than just theoretical knowledge. Implementing and making mistakes help, because you search for the solution and eventually get the work done. Which forms the crux of this course – to make you a digital marketer by first learning and then implementing it and this will be particularly useful for entrepreneurs and anyone looking to make a break in digital marketing.

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Whether you are a working professional or an entrepreneur or a student, this will be a useful course

The course covers everything – from the mindset you need to become a successful digital marketer to finding your niche, creating good content, getting traffic and how to promote the said content by using social media to your advantage. If this makes sense to you and if you think that this will help your business grow, then I would highly recommend the course. It’s hard to pick fault in this course that offers so much for the money you pay and you get the feeling that it was money well spent. A special shoutout to the DDIP mentors of each batch for patiently explaining the videos and answering the queries of all the interns while doing the assignments.

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Get paid for completing the assignments

Yes, you read that right and you can recover a portion of the investment that you put in this course through the unique cashback model. Who else do you see offering a high value digital marketing course and also pays you to complete it? This model of teaching is definitely out of the box and this has gained a lot of followers for Digital Deepak, further stamping his authority in digital marketing in India.

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Social media amplifies your communication

But we all know that more than the cashback that you get, it’s more about how you end up making your own money via digital marketing and that is the main takeaway here. After all everyone wants money and digital marketing is a way to make passive income while growing your personal brand and creating content that helps other people.

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Should you enroll in this digital marketing course?

At this point, this is a no brainer. Digital marketing is a life skill and it is something that will come in handy  for you immediately or in the future, but it is worth the investment. Whatever your background is or wherever you come from, this course will help you in exploring uncharted territories and if you put your effort, it will be worth the while.

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