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100 million motorcycles for Hero MotoCorp!

#100MillionHeroes was the theme and there was excitement in the air. There was a lot of anticipation and suspense as to which would be the 100 millionth two-wheeler for Hero Moto Corp. Would it be the best-selling Splendour? Or would it be the latest Xtreme 160R? Or maybe the Glamour 125, perhaps? Well, the bike that took the honor of being the 100 millionth motorcycle to roll out of Hero MotoCorp was the Xtreme 160R, which rolled out of the company’s Haridwar plant. Congratulations to Hero MotoCorp for achieving this extraordinary milestone! On this historic occasion, Dr. Pawan Munjal showcased celebration editions of the Xtreme 160R, Splendour+, Maestro Edge, Glamour, Destini 125, and the Passion Pro. These bikes get a new paint scheme to mark the occasion and also sport a signature of Shah Rukh Khan, who signed these bikes during the occasion and also requested Pawan Munjal to give him an Xtreme 160R, which he fancied among the lot!

The road to 100 million

Hero MotoCorp MD was jubilant and ecstatic as his company was making history and the big day was marked by the presence of film star Shah Rukh Khan as well. SRK, as he is known widely, was in awe of Hero MotoCorp and Dr. Pawan Munjal as the latter gave a speech about the journey of Hero MotoCorp and how the growth has been for the company; the world-class R&D setups in India and Germany, and the collaboration and contribution of each and every employee and suppliers to make this dream day come true. He also gave tribute to his father, the late Brijmohan Lall Munjal, about his vision for Hero MotoCorp and that they had not thought on their wildest dreams back then (37 years ago) that this day would come. Dr. Pawan Munjal also emphasized on sustainable mobility and that his company would be 100 per cent carbon neutral by 2030. A range of exciting new products with the theme of sustainable mobility (read electric vehicles) is being developed by the company.

Hero Xtreme 160R side view
The Xtreme 160R has taken the 150-160cc class by storm

It is certainly a milestone for the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world and a moment that every Indian can be proud of. While the company took 29 years to roll out its 50 millionth two-wheeler (in 2013), the 75 millionth two-wheeler rolled out in 2017, and to reach from 50 million to 100 million, the company took just over 7 years! These figures speak volumes of the product development and the outreach to vast places beyond our borders as well. That Hero MotoCorp has been churning out some exciting products like the Xpulse 200 (the only dual-sport bike in the 200cc segment) and the Xtreme 160R further add to the company’s growth story and its scheme to reach out to motorcycle enthusiasts. Here’s to the next 100 million motorcycles and hoping that Hero MotoCorp will achieve this feat before the completion of this decade!

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